Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Logan's First Day of Preschool

Logan was so excited about school today that he had a hard time getting to sleep last night!  This made for a bundle of nervous, excited, and anxious energy this morning!
Luckily he has a very kind and understanding teacher.  She said that he was kind of clingy for the first part of the morning and needed to sit near one of his teachers.  He did end up being okay for the rest of the day.  

He was excited to tell me all about his snack of strawberry milk, cheese crackers, and raisins.  His favorite part of the day was P.E. where they listened to a song about "launchers(?)" and learned about dogs.  He is pumped to visit the library and check out two books!

After school he was a bit worn out as you can see from this picture he needed lunch and a nap ASAP!

Eventually I did get a picture with my sweet, handsome dude!  I cannot believe that he is such a big boy!


  1. Logan,

    Where has the time gone? I was thinking about your first day of school all day today. I was wondering how your day went, what you might be doing and what you would be learning.I am so glad mommy keeps us informed. Looks like for the most part it was a really good day.
    Love you BIG BOY,
    Gramma Jan

  2. Uncle Brian is very happy to hear you like gym class Logan!!