Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Easton has already been home for one month!  It has been wonderful introducing him to friends and family, living life as a family of four, and even waking up every 3 hours in the middle of the night!  He is doing well, passed his eye exam, and I estimate that he is about 7 1/2 lbs.  Here is what we have been up to!
We introduced Easton to the amazing Dr. Burrows!  She took such great care of us during my hectic pregnancy!
 We visited the Topeka Zoo with Grandma B and cousin Grace.  Logan and Grace got to feed the giraffes lettuce!
 Logan was happy that the Tropic House was reopened.  He got to check in on his favorite "mingos."  
 He also had some words for this orangutan!
 Don't these Weishaars make cute little penguins?!?
 Easton has been spent most of his time at home sleeping!  Within the last few days he has stayed awake for 3 straight hours in the morning.
 Big brother Logan is still in love with his "big brother" (he says we can't call him "little brother" because he is "growin' and gettin' biggah").
 Logan loves playing with Easton on his play mat.  He often empties all of Easton's toys out and piles them around him!  It is so fun to watch the beginning of a lifelong friendship!

 We celebrated the Fourth of July with family and friends in Topeka.  Logan loved setting off all of the fireworks he purchased.  He was excited that we finally sent up a Chinese lantern to celebrate Easton's birth.  We also honored our favorite soldier, Uncle Zach, by setting of a couple of tank fireworks!
 We hosted a play date at our house.  I was lucky enough to be pregnant with two of my girlfriends at work.  This was the first time we got all of the boys together!  Mac is three months, Easton is two, and Davis is almost 1 month!  Hopefully Mr. E. will catch up to his buddies soon!
 Even though he was the smallest he had no problem trying to wrestle his pals!  Luckily Mac is an easy-going guy!
Logan built a moving van at Home Depot.  Everyday since then he asks us if "Home Depot buildin' somepin a-day?"

We attended Fan Fest, I am not sure who was more excited, Kasey or Logan!
 They were able to get autographs from Frank White and John Mayberry.  Logan may be a bit confused about the signatures on his baseball.  He told some of our friends that he got Snow White's autograph at Fan Fest!
 His favorite part was this monster truck!  I bet you are not surprised.
 He had a blast playing all of the games.  
 Here is another picture of the little buddies playing!
 Logan helped me bake brownies.
 We even got a visit from the Illinois grandparents!  Logan figured out that they were coming when he saw the big coffee maker on the counter!  Today the big boys went to the Royals game...
and the little guy cuddled with his Gramma!

And mommy, well, she updated this blog!  


  1. Squee!! Loving the new blog/layout. I want to come cuddle that little man. LOVE.

  2. I love all the pictures in this blog! I kept telling Bret, "Hey, look at this one!" Your family is so adorable. Glad everyone is healthy now :)

  3. Love the pictures! What two adorable boys you have. Enjoy being a family of four.