Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome to Kansas

Well, we did it. We packed up our home, loaded it into a truck, drove for a LONG ten hours,

Logan followed the Yellow Brick Road (this is for real, it sparkles, and it is at a mall here in KS!), and we settled into our new home in Olathe, Kansas. The first 48 hours were a little chaotic. Unloading a truck in humid, upper-90 degree weather was not pleasant for anyone! It was also a bit difficult figuring out where all of our oversized furniture was going to fit! And yet, here I sit, with only a few more pictures left to hang, pretty much settled. Of course, I have to thank my wonderful driving buddy and brother, Paul, task-master Auntie Cindy, and my own personal handy man Uncle John for being such a tremendous help on our big adventure!

Kasey has been going into work 3-4 days a week for a few hours. He seems to really like it! He has a big office, will where a shirt and tie everyday, and his phone beeps regularly with new work emails! I guess he had to grow up sometime! He has also been catching up with all of his pals. I think they are really happy to have him close!

Logan is great! About two weeks ago he decided he was going to talk!! It seems like he adds a new word or two to his vocabulary everyday! He is repeating us too, better start censoring! Some of his new words are piggy, binky, nogurt (yogurt), jump, Nogoo (Logan), boom-boom (fireworks), wawa (water). Lately we've been hearing a lot of "pee-pee!" He has been experimenting with his potty seat. He will usually tell us he needs to use the potty at least four times a day. Afterwards he immediately reminds us about his "nem-in-nem" (m&m)! He is becoming such a big boy! I can barely believe that he is going to be two in less than two months!

I am slowly but surely learning my way around. I have met my mentor and several of the teachers and staff at Moonlight Elementary. Everyone is incredibly nice and supportive. I am a bit worried about learning a brand new curriculum and getting my room set up in a very short time but I know it will all work out. I get a bit homesick when I am bored so I try to stay as busy as possible. Logan and I have been loading up the jogging stroller with water and Goldfish and hitting the trail right down the street from our house. We recently discovered a park on the trail that is about 2.5 miles from home. It is a really nice escape for the both of us! However, I just saw the weather for the next week and I believe we will be staying inside for a while!

I am very lucky that my sister and brother-in-law came to stay with us for four days over the Fourth of July. Logan was also very happy because they brought him an early birthday present, a pirate ship water table!! Our neighbors probably don't think he has any clothes because he is always running around the backyard in a diaper spilling water on himself!

We had a really nice visit and I was sad to see them go. I am still secretly wishing that they will come live in my basement one day! I am already looking forward to my pal Lori's visit and Logan will be SO happy to see Emmy. In mid-August my parents will come stay with us for a week.

We are really lucky that our friends Brett and Katie let us come crash their pool! Logan has no fear, of course, and doesn't mind going under the water. I think he loves seeing his Daddy freak out! He also has a new love, his "wah-oo" (guitars) shades! Too funny!!

We have been very lucky to spend some time with our niece Grace who is visiting from Washington. Logan chases her around screaming "Grace!" She has been more than happy to take care of him! She especially loves reading him his books before bed. This past weekend Grace and Grandma B. stayed with us. Whenever Logan couldn't see his Grandma he would look around and yell, "B!" Mommy and Daddy pretty much were nonexistent!

On Monday, Grandma B., Grace, Logan and I explored Deanna Rose Farm. It was so much fun! The kids panned for gold, fed goats and ducks, Grace took a pony ride, climbed all over old tractors, and slid down slides. We didn't even see half of it! Logan and I will definitely be heading back!

Logan would have been happy to stay here all day and splash in the water!

This is before the bottle-crazy goats knocked him on his bottom and he decided feeding baby goats was for the birds!

Thank you for all of the calls, texts, emails, and facebook posts checking in on us! We are doing well and hope you are too! Our change of address cards will be out by August! If you are in Kansas, come on by, we'd love visitors! If you are elsewhere, we miss you, keep in touch, and plan a visit! xo.

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  1. I think Logan would be happy anywhere as long as he is surrounded by his loving family and by the looks of things Gramma B and cousin Grace are doing a remarkable job (of course it helps that mom and dad came along on this very big adventure.) Looking forward to our August visit.
    Gramma Janice