Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Play Ball!

Well, it was inevitable, Logan LOVES baseball! Auntie Lauren and Uncle Brian thought that this tee ball set was a necessity. Every morning when we come downstairs Logan says "baball" (translation ball or baseball) and runs to find a round object to throw! When the boys are watching a game you can hear Logan saying "gocubsgo," although it usually doesn't help the Cubs win! Kasey has been working on his grip, making sure that he has two hands on the bat. Usually he gives it a big caveman chop off of the tee so dad is working on improving his swing!

This video is of some BP that was taking place in our driveway! As soon as Logan hears the garage door go up around 4:00 he heads for the gate and exclaims "BABALL!" Poor Kasey barely gets a chance to relax before practice begins!

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