Monday, February 1, 2010

First Haircut

After weeks of Kasey complaining that his son had a mullet, I finally asked my girlfriend if Logan really needed a haircut. Her response was something like, "Well..." So, I gave in and made the appointment. I don't know why but I was hesitant to let someone cut off his baby hair. I think I just want him to be a baby forever!

When we got there he picked out a video to distract him (yeah right!). While Little Einsteins played we put him in his sweet yellow car, as you can see he is not convinced that this is a great idea!

At first he seemed to be okay with everything...
Then he started trying to grab his stylist's scissors! So, she gave him a phone...

Then he LOST it!! He was not pleased to say the least! He was red, shaking, and had big fat crocodile tears! (Check out his big molar!)

Our baby is all grown up with his new spiky do!

Here he is today with his faux-hawk! He is just so darn cute!! I guess I have to say it, Kasey was right, he definitely needed a haircut!

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  1. Oh my goodness he is so handsome!! I love it! How adorable and I can't believe the personality on that boy! It's fabulous. ;)