Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas...a bit overdue!

We had a great trip to Kansas...well, once we were there!! Logan was not happy about 9 hours in the car! He did enjoy his very first Happy Meal and McDonald's playland.

There was lots of love from Grandma B. and Great Grandma Betty! We also got to see a lot of the Weishaar family at several different gatherings, Daddy's friends, and Sara and Ron Miles.

It was nice to be together to celebrate Baby Jesus's birthday. However, church just didn't happen on Christmas Eve. Poor Grandma B. was getting her thumb fixed after falling on some ice.
Logan must have been a very good boy this year because he was spoiled rotten! He got everything a little boy could ever need, cars, books, and balls! Santa brought him this remote control car all the way to Kansas! He LOVES it!

I think this picture shows that Logan really "got" Christmas this year! He was digging to make sure he got all of the goodies out of his stocking!

Here he is just being his monstrous self!

When we got home he found that Santa had left him a train table! Santa's elves were very busy putting this one together!We also celebrated Christmas in January with my side of the family. It was great to get together and catch up. Logan got a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe from these two! (Thanks Uncle Anthony for putting it together!) He adores it! He is really good at opening the door, climbing in, shutting the door, and honking the horn! Now it just needs to warm up so we can "drive" around the neighborhood!

Sorry this update is SO late! I hope you had wonderful holidays and that the rest of 2010 brings many blessings!

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