Monday, June 22, 2009

Loving the Outdoors

Now that Summer has finally come, we've had the opportunity to take Logan to some fun outings. I finished the regular school year on the 12th and celebrated by heading to Arlington Park with Sara and Logan to watch the horses run. It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed being outside! We sat on the lawn area and met up with some NICU friends. Although we didn't win big, Logan enjoyed reading (eating) the program and playing on his blanket. His next tooth is coming in so the Miller Light bottle made a good teething toy and also a questionable picture for years to come. Daddy and Logan at ArlingtonLogan picking his horse
Is he ready for the bleachers or what??
Logan is really making a lot of strides in learning how to tolerate tummy time. He turns himself onto his stomach many times throughout the day to grab different toys all around him. He is beginning to figure out how to maneuver his body and reach objects. Sara and I have been talking about how active he will be before we know it. Babyproofing is quickly becoming inevitable! He uses his crib while he sleeps like a gymnast performing a routine on the floor mat. When we check on him his body is often contorted in funny positions. He loves to cuddle his blanket while he sleeps and often we find it resting on top of his head while he snoozes. He has become really good at sitting up and reaching for toys. He still needs to practice grabbing objects using both hands which is a skill he's working on in PT while I write. For Father's Day we headed to the Kane County minor league baseball game. Sara got great tickets in the shade, as it was warm, and Logan couldn't have been better. He happily watched the ball players and enjoyed all of the antics and noise all around him. The only time he was fussy was when he really wanted our Cherry Slurpees. Sara shared hers with him and he couldn't get enough. I guess he may be ready for Popsicles so that should make Grandma B happy when we visit in July. We are all doing great and looking forward to more outings to take advantage of the beautiful Chi summers.
Daddy and Logan at the gameLogan enjoying a slurpee!He asked for body paint but we decided against it!BP with Daddy

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  1. Hey there LJ,
    Just wanted to wish you a happy golden 10 month birthday. Your mom is the one who told me about golden birthday's (who knew), so you're in for lots of special fun on your 10th birthday.
    Gramma Jan