Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Today Logan had his physical therapy evaluation. He was tired, hungry, and crabby but he got through it! As Kasey and I posted earlier this week we thought he was performing somewhere in between his adjusted and actual ages. Well, it turns out on his gross motor skills he is actually more like a 3-4 month old. His adjusted age is almost five months so he is delayed and now qualifies for weekly physical therapy sessions. The concerns are that he does not like tummy time and is not able to put enough pressure on his arms, his balance isn't where it needs to be to sit up unassisted, and his tone is a little on the stiff side. Melissa said that as he grows (and his body catches up to his noggin!) his motor skills should improve. She also mentioned that many of the preemie babies she sees don't like tummy time because they missed out on a lot of that time when they were in the NICU. His reflux doesn't help either!

The good news is that Logan will be getting extra support to help him catch up to his peers. We will also get lots of tips to work with him at home. Also, the weekly visits will ensure that he doesn't fall behind his adjusted age again! The therapist said that she is NOT concerned that he will have longterm delays with his gross motor and that the weekly sessions will just help give him a kick in the pants! It will also force mom and dad to struggle through the exercises and not give in when he starts whining!

However, it is very difficult and emotional (for his mommy!!) to hear that Logan is behind his adjusted age. As she was explaining the skills that he needed help on she mentioned that when she saw him last he was on a monitor and meds, which most preemies are beyond when they leave the NICU. Hearing all of this made me relive the guilt associated with having him 11 1/2 weeks early. I know what our little fighter is capable of, I have seen his strength first hand, I have no doubt that once we start our PT boot camp he will be catching up in no time!

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  1. Sara! Remember that many of our students received badly needed intervention in preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade...or never. Logan's getting it at 7 months! He'll be caught up in no time. Just keep it fun! Hope to see you all soon.
    Liz Russell