Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hi, from our happy little fella! Our family is doing great. As you can see Logan is becoming quite interactive. He's very chatty and is definitely vocalizing his dislike of shopping. When we were out shopping for clothes on Saturday he decided he would yell until we took him home for his nap. He now is up to a whopping 16 pounds and outgrowing many of his clothes. On Friday his developmental therapist came by to see how he's doing. He was a tired guy, but he hung in there long enough to show off all of his talents. He seems to be hitting milestones between his actual age and his adjusted age. She gave us a few tips to work with him on sitting and tummy time (his least favorite). The only concern she had was when he was in a seated position he became more rigid. The physical therapist will come to evaluate him on Tuesday and make sure his muscle tone isn't too stiff. Logan also seemed to REALLY like the developmental therapist's toys. We went out today and bought him a bunch of new toys that will encourage him to learn to shake, bang, play on his belly, and distract him while sitting...he seemed to appreciate this kind of shopping much more!
Logan and his new friend Charlie Pelling
On Friday, April 17th, Charlie August Pelling was born! He weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz.! We are very excited to see all of the mischief our little boys will get into together (with the help of Charlie's big sister Emmy, of course!).

Friday was a beautiful 80 degree day! We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went to the playground. Logan loves to swing, as you can see! After the park we took a nice long walk with our new baby jogger.
The fam at March for Babies

Papooli, Gramma, and Logan at the walk
Today was the March of Dimes' March for Babies. We were very excited when we woke up and saw that it was not raining! We put on our shirts, loaded up the diaper bag, and headed out for an inspiring day filled with strong little kiddos! We were able to register and take pictures before it started to drizzle. During the opening ceremony Logan and Papooli were filmed for our local news, we are going to tune in at 10 and hope to see them! We began walking and the rain started to pick up. We found shelter under one of the mall's awnings and then were told to report back inside because there was lightening. We were disappointed but understood that the safety of the families was most important.
Logan waiting out the storm

Logan and mommy safe out of the storm
Once all of the walkers were inside they started the awards ceremony. I was surprised as they announced my name for being the top fund raiser of the individual walkers! I was able to raise $725 (thanks to my mom's help!!). Kasey raised $170, that means together we raised almost $900 to help babies in need! We cannot thank those of you who sponsored us enough. Obviously, this is something that is very important to us and we are continueally amazed by our friends and family that continue to support us! Next year we plan to walk as a team and hope to raise even more money for this great cause!
Mommy won the award for most money
raised by an individual walker!

Lounging on Daddy after the walk
After the walk Logan had his first "real" food. He ate a banana! We put it in this little mesh feeder and he went to town!! He had banana everywhere and loved every minute of it! He has been off of his reflux medicine for five days now. He is spitting up quite a bit but nothing serious! The doctor says as long as he doesn't seem to be in pain or spitting up full feeds we should continue to keep him off of it. This would be a major milestone for us! It would be the very first time since he was born that he would be medicine free! We will update you soon with the report from his physical therapist. Have a great week! xo.
Logan enjoying a REAL banana!! Yum!

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  1. Holy cow! What a redneck! LOL! Love the pictures and sounds like some terrific fun! Can't wait to see you next week! Love, GrandmaB