Friday, October 11, 2013

Easton: 17 months

My baby keeps getting bigger and bigger with each day that passes!  I really wish he would slow down but at the same time he is just SO MUCH FUN right now!  

Easton started walking at about 14.5 months.  Ever since then he has not slowed down!  He is determined to keep up with his big brother!  He has had several bonks to prove it.  He can go up stairs confidently but still needs reminders on how to go down.  He loves dancing and has just started to jump (or bend his knees and come up on his toes), he is so proud of himself!
We often hear about how big Easton is.  It is so funny to think that this guy was only 4 lbs when he was born!  One day we dropped him off in the nursery at church and a volunteer commented, "Well there's a chunky one!"  His dad likes to refer to him as husky, his mommy disagrees.  Our friends fondly refer to him as bruiser, tank, and little man.  I think it may have something to do with the way he stomps around, with his arms flexed at his sides, grunting.  I do not have an official weight but he is over 25 pounds. 

He loves balls.  He tries to have 2 or 3 with him at all times.  He will watch baseball on TV with daddy and immediately say "shrow" and whip something across the room!  He will throw, bounce, and roll balls for hours!

He likes reading books especially Too Many Kisses and Goodnight Gorilla.  He likes to sing "Itsy-bitsy Spider."  He also will sing along with any song on the radio that has "oohs," "oos," or "ahhs!"  It is really cute!

This little monkey LOVES to eat!  He will beg strangers for food.  I saw it today with my own eyes!  He especially loves cookies and cookie batter.  He gets very excited to see the cookie jar and the stand mixer!  After he finishes his dinner Logan will ask him if he wants a cookie and he will shriek and giggle with excitement. He also really loves Mexican quinoa.  Easton is also a big fan of any "dip-dip," katsup, cheese dip, salsa, etc.
He also really loves his shoes and socks.  When he wants to go outside he will bring you his shoes and sit right in front of you!  He loves being outside too!

For a long time he has been saying mama, dada, throw, brother.  He is getting really good at copying what you say.  He can say, cracker, ball, cookie (cook-cook), boo, all done, oh wow, no no (he hears that a lot!).  These days he tells you that a dog says "RRRRR,"  we have tried "woof-woof" but I guess he likes growling better!  

He is rockin' most of his brother's old 18-24 month clothes.  It is so great to see outfits that are connected to fond memories with Logan.  He also just got his first haircut!  I just let them cut off the baby mullet and trim a little around the ears so he still has a lot of his baby hair!  He did really well, no tears until the very end and that is because he spied a ball!

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