Friday, June 21, 2013

Easton update:13 months edition

Wow!  It is amazing what can happen in just one month.  Our little bruiser is weighing in at 23 pounds and is up to mischief most of the day!  We constantly have to watch him because he loves to pull the outlet covers off as well as the plastic part of door stops.  He is a big fan of wires and the objects they are attached to.  We have also seen the beginning of tantrums!  When he is removed from something that he is enjoying he screams and kicks his feet wildly while he is picked up.
This is how I found him one morning!  No idea how Mr. Mischief weaseled  his way out of his jammies but it happened!

He has learned to climb stairs as well as the fireplace.  He pulls up on everything and is cruisin' around the room.  He crawls on hands and knees, spins around on his bottom, and occasionally does this cartwheel looking action to get what he needs.  He is also standing unassisted for a bit.  When he has had enough standing he lunges for whoever is near.  I see first steps in our near future!

He loves macaroni and cheese!  His five chompers help him eat just about anything but fruit is not his favorite.  His sixth tooth should be in any day!  He has even been experimenting with feeding himself.
He says mama, dada, BROTHER, uh-oh (sometimes abbreviated to "uh" or reiterated as "uh-uh"), and of course "tro" (throw).  The kid LOVES playing ball.  He will catch and throw for hours.  He also likes to carry a ball in him mouth while he crawls.

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