Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby E!

It is hard to believe that Easton is already 1 year old.  It doesn't seem that long ago that we were wishing and praying for another child to join our family.  I remember laying on the table during our transfer praying that God would help our embryologist pick the perfect kiddo for us, and he did!  Easton is a persistent little man that can bring joy to the room with one of his extra large grins!

It seems that in the last month he has learned so much!  He has been jabbering up a storm.  He says "mamama" and "dadada" but not to either of us specifically.  He says "ninini" when he is tired.  His favorite thing to scream is what sounds like "BRUDDAH" (brother).  It is really cute!  When he is sleepy, right before I put him in his crib, he gets really giggly and snugly.  It is a wonderful time to be his mommy!

He has learned to army crawl and has gotten really good at getting where he wants quickly!  His favorite things to do are make the doorstops boing (which is funny because his brother was terrified of those!), take the outlet covers out of the outlets, and seek and destroy any cords he can find!  He is quite a handful! 
He also waves "hi" but refuses to do it on command!  When you ask him to wave hi he snuggles into your chest and acts shy, it is pretty adorable!  He can do "so big" and clap too.  He is so proud to show off those tricks!  He is working on sitting up on from crawling.  He loves to hold on to things and stand up.  He grabs your fingers when he wants to take a stroll!  He also really loves being outside, especially when he gets to swing!

 Easton's birthday party was a lot of fun!  We had a fiesta to celebrate our Cinco de Mayo baby.
 All of the kids received Skippyjon Jones books to go along with our theme.
Grandma B. made these adorable cakes.  They were very yummy!  

 We were so lucky to have many of our friends and family members join in the fun!

Cary provided entertainment for young and old alike!

 Some of our friends even came dressed for the occasion!
 Easton's buddies Mac and Davis were there.  These three were all in their mommies bellies at Moonlight Elementary last year.  It has been a lot of fun watching them grow since the very beginning!
 Easton was in a pretty good mood even though he developed a runny nose the night before.

He liked his cake but kept it under control!  

 Daddy and Logan helped Easton open his many gifts.  He was spoiled with books, clothes, and cool new toys.  He has been having a lot of fun exploring all of his new things.

 Easton's favorite thing was the tissue paper!
 Logan and Easton wrapped up the night playing with some of Easton's new bath toys.  I am so blessed to have these two big, healthy boys to celebrate!

The next day Easton and I headed to see Dr. Brunner.  He did really well, smiling at all of the nurses!  When he was born he weighed 4 lbs. 1 oz. he is now a whoppin' 21 lbs. 9 oz!  That puts him in the 75-95th percentile among other 31 week preemies and in the 40th percentile among other 1-year-olds.  He was about 16 inches at birth and is now 28.9 inches.  He is in the 75th percentile for preemies and the 10-25th percentile for other 12 month kids.  His giant 19 inch head puts him in the 95th percentile among other 31-weekers and the 75th percentile among other 1-year-olds.  Dr. Brunner said that when we visit her at 15 months he will just be on the regular growth chart!!  Usually it takes premature babies until age 2 to compare with their peers!  GO EASTON!!  The champ only cried for a minute after his shots.  He is such a tough dude!  

It has been an exciting year of firsts!  I am looking forward to seeing all of the new tricks Easton has to show us in the upcoming year.  I fall more and more in love with him each day.  We are so blessed that he has filled our hearts and completed our family!

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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Easton! It is so great to hear how wonderfully he is growing each day. You are blessed with two very handsome and healthy boys. Congratulations on being such a loving and amazing mommy.