Sunday, April 14, 2013

11 months

 Easton is 11 months old!!  That means we are less than one month away from his big first birthday bash!  He is getting to be a very big boy.  We had to dig through big brother's old 18 month clothes!  He is about 20 lbs.
 He love standing these days.  He has even been pulling up on his toy drawers!  However, still no crawling!

I had to include this shot because I just love the wording on the quilt that Kasey's Aunt Kathy made!

Don't you just love those lashes?  If you look close you can see those two front teeth that E has been working so hard on!

 On Easton's 11 month birthday we boarded a train bound for Chicago!  We were lucky enough to spend some time with Gramma Jan and Papi, Auntie Lauren, Uncle Brian, Abby, and Ellery.  Mommy and Daddy had a lot of fun celebrating Erin's marriage to a wonderful man with all of our friends!

 It seemed like a great idea, the boys could get up and move around, we could go without stopping, and it shaved an hour off of our journey!  Well, that was before Easton came down with bronchitis, an ear infection, in addition to the teething.  I spent most of the ride to Chicago in a bathroom nursing Easton so he would relax.  On the way home Kasey and I took turns walking him back and forth, up and down the cars, we were pretty popular!
Logan was a dream child!
 It was all worth it because we got to hang out with our family and friends!!

This is how we find Easton sleeping every night, blankies over his head!  He also destroyed his mobile this month, such a bruiser!!
 So that's it folks!  The next time you see a blog post about this cutie he will be ONE!! (how did this happen, sniff!

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