Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday (WEEK) Dear Logan!

  I know it is cliche' but I am going to say it anyway: I cannot believe how fast the last four years have flown. This little boy is one of the smartest, funniest, and lovable guys I know.  I am so lucky that he calls me his mama!
What a special day our big guy had!  His daddy was a Watchdog at school, which means he spent the whole morning helping out!  

Logan brought in donuts with sprinkles for his classmates.  He even got to help Mrs. Wells pass them out!

Of course we had to take our laundry basket picture, isn't he handsome!?!

After daddy FINALLY got home from work Logan went on a treasure hunt for all of his birthday presents.  

He was adorable and kept telling us thank you for everything!

My little monkey and I in our matching orange!

After his special dinner of pasta & sausage we had our neighborhood friends over for cupcakes and ice cream.

After dessert he played with his friends at the park.  They all loved playing with Logan's new Mustang (thanks Claire!).

Saturday we celebrated Logan's Busytown birthday with his friends at Matt Ross Community Center.  The kids started by playing in the jungle gym.

Then we headed down to our party room where Logan made a wish off of his Huckle cake.  Nice work Grandma B!

Here are Logan and all of his pals!

They could hardly wait to go swimming but first...

Logan was very excited about these!

The turtle slide was a bit hit with all of the kids.

Logan and his friend Blake chillin' on a noodle.  They had a blast in the not-so-lazy river too!

Easton thought the party was a hoot.

Afterwards Logan wanted chips and salsa from Chili's.  Easton and Daddy watched the K-State game.  Daddy is teaching E how to do a "Wildcat 1st down!"

No birthday would be complete with multiple yummy desserts!  
We had a wonderful week celebrating our miracle boy!

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  1. I agree completely, where has the time gone?? It seems like just yesterday that our little fellow surprised us with his entry into our lives. What a great celebration, wish we could have been there this week. We will plan on it for next year. Happy fourth Birthday Miracle Boy!!!

    Love you,
    Gramma Jan