Sunday, March 27, 2011


We were so lucky to be visited by the Tveters in February! Logan loved having Auntie "Nauren" and "Binan" to play with. I am sure the enjoyed the warmer weather and multiple free meals that they somehow accrued during their trip! As you can see from the above picture, Spring has brought out the adventurous side of Logan! No ladder or slide is too big for my boy, much to my dismay!
Auntie Lauren's arms got a workout as Logan repeatedly demanded "higher!"
Hamming it up and acquiring playground germs, score!
During our Spring Break we made the trip back home for some more quality time with the family. Auntie Lauren got to learn Logan's new game "MEEHAW" which requires any individual close to the floor to crawl around like a horse.
We were able to see many of our extended family at a wedding celebration for Uncle Zach and Aunt Ciara. Unfortunately, Zach was not able to make it back for the party. Don't worry, Logan stood in for his gift opening duties! You are very welcome Ciara!
Logan's favorite part of the party was this balloon!
While we were home we got to visit some of our favorite places. We took Gramma Jan to Sweet Mandy B.'s for cookies at 10 o'clock in the morning! YUMMY! We headed over to the Nature Museum and checked out what Logan calls the butterfly zoo. It is the most peaceful place and Logan was just fascinated! (Mom, don't you love this picture! Even if Logan looks like he's starring in Home Alone 23!) We had lunch at Panes which was one of our favorite places while Logan was in the NICU. After lunch we even stopped into the hospital and Logan thanked one of his old doctors and nurses for all of the love and medical attention they gave him.

Logan got to visit an indoor bouncy house close to my mom's house. He had so much fun running from house to house! Then we went home for a well-deserved nap!

Logan got to hang out with Auntie Lauren and Uncle Brian so that mommy and daddy could go catch up with friends. It is so nice to know no matter how far the distance between us our friendship remains strong!

We closed out our trip with one of our favorite friends, Jackson. Logan "met" Jackson while they were both in the NICU. Actually I met his sweet mama in the pump room and we decided that the boys needed to be pals! We got our Portillo's fix and then headed to Pump It Up for some more inflatable fun! They boys had a great time chasing each other, climbing, and sliding!This slide was the highlight for sure!Here they are! Hard to believe the started out as such small fries! It was pretty tough to get them to slow down for a picture! Plus, as we were entering the gym the man asked the kids to stand in line. We showed Logan how to stand right behind Jackson. He did it very seriously! So, whenever I asked Logan to stand by Jackson for a picture he stood right behind him, single file! That's a teacher's kid for sure!This is my favorite! It was a great trip and I can't wait for our summer visit!

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