Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey, check out our little sitting man! He is getting better at it by the day! He does really well when his boppy is behind him but he still flops over after a couple of minutes! I am really impressed that he may reach this milestone close to his actual age!

It turns out Logan still needs his reflux medicine. After a day and a half without it he was screaming in pain...poor kid! We'll probably try again in a couple of months. Next Tuesday he will get his second to last synagis shot. Since he has gotten to be such a big boy he will have to get two injections. We have been so fortunate that Logan has stayed healthy all winter (knock on wood!) let's hope that he will be able to keep it up through the end of April! I guess Logan will have to wait until next Easter to meet the Bunny!

Logan celebrated his Irish heritage by wearing his first "kiss me I'm Irish" shirt. Although we couldn't celebrate at the parades this year, we will for sure be hitting them up in the years to come. It won't be long before he finds out that the Southside parade was where his daddy first told his mommy he loved her.

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